Many people in the world of internet marketing underestimate the power of article marketing. They simply do not understand how by simply writing articles you can generate massive traffic to your site and all of it is free traffic. The reason article marketing works now and has worked in the past and will continue to work as long as the internet exists is because the entire internet is based on information.

Search engines want new, fresh content and people that provide this kind of quality content held by article directories will be rewarded by the search engines. Remember that at the bottom of each article you have the opportunity to place a few links, some sites will allow up to 3 links back to your sites. If you understand any SEO at all then you will understand the benefit to this as it helps to build your sites link popularity. Click here to read some articles on SEO if you are new to it.

Also the article directories themselves are loved by the search engines. Why? Because they contain human reviewed regularly updated fresh content which is exactly what the search engines love. This means that the articles posted in these directories rank well and thus get plenty of traffic so you will get traffic in two ways from the article directories and from the search engines as your sites ranking improves. The only drawback is that it can take time but it is still worth it because the reward at the end can be huge.

Stick with article marketing as it is a proven way to make more money online. Sometimes submitting articles by hand to directories can be tedious, so use a service like Article Marketer to totally automate this process, click here to learn more.

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